It all begins at the shop where you will get to know your ATV and get comfortable with it. This is where the tour really kicks in, we ride past different neighborhoods till we reach the airport. Here we take an off-road track behind it and hit the gas till we reach the San Pedro plateaus.

Once at the plateau you’re in the Curaçao dessert, there is also the white cave, here we will ride till we hit the north coast. After taking some beautiful pictures at the windmills, we ride till the end of San Pedro.
Here we get back once again at the paved road and we’ll head down to Ascension where we get off to a little off-road track. At the end of the road you will encounter the turtle beach, where if you’re lucky you might see some turtles. Riding a little more we will encounter the Curacao Natural Jacuzzi. One of the many wonders of Curaçao.

Next to this you will get the most breathtaking views of waves crashing into the rocks and also the north coast. If the weather is clear enough you can see the hills of Bonaire. Once again we get back on the road keep going down west to our first break, a local snacks bar called ‘1st of July’.
Hopping back on the ATV we will head down south to Soto. Here we take the road to Santa Martha with an awesome view from the hill. We keep going west passing by all the most known beaches till Kenepa Beach.
Take a swim at one of Curaçao most beautiful beaches of the island and the #8 nicest beach of the world. Beating the famous sands of Hawaii, Tahiti and Greece, not to mention Brazil’s legendary Ipanema Beach.
Coming back up we will pass at Willibrodus where we take another break, to take pictures of the flamingos and the famous Williwood sign.

The road back home begins after the break, where we will pass along COT, Bullenbaai, Kokomo, Otrabanda till we get back at our shop.


DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive 20 minutes before the departure time
DURATION Approximately 6 hours
WEAR Comfortable clothing and sunscreen.
Entrance fee
Soft Drinks
Bottle of water
Hotel pick up
Hotel drop off
Food & Beverages



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